Our new product, Backdrop, is available in several different designs. Choose the system and foot that best suits your needs. Backdrop creates an eye-catching background. Together with our event arch, it creates the perfect set: a portable exhibition stand for every conceivable occasion. Backdrop is intended and optimised for indoor use. The Outdoor foot is however excellent for indoor use if you so desire. 


ALREADY OWN AN EVENT ARCH? It is easy to add a Backdrop event arch to your existing one if you so wish, using our handy kit including a bag with canvas, fibreglass rods and adapter. 

Complete system with Aluminium foot

Height: 245 cm

Width: 300 cm 

Weight: 13,5 kg

Material: Aluminium, recycled ABS plast, steel

Complete system with Outdoor foot

Height:  245 cm

Width:  300 cm 

Weight:  32 kg

Material : Black powder coated steel , glassfibre

Complete System with Classic foot

Height: 245 cm

Width: 300 cm 

Weight: 14,5 kg

Material: Recycled ABS plastic, steel

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