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We will stop selling the Classic system by New Year or as long as the supplies last.

Event arch Classic 


Even though the Bannerbow CLASSIC event arch gives the experience of a big room, all parts of the two feet fit into a handy tub bag: Just throw it over your shoulder and move on. The Bannerbow event bow is easy to install
since no tools, ladders or other equipment are needed. You set it up alone in just a few minutes. The classic model is intended for indoor use. The product is resistant to outdoor use, but is sensitive to wind without additional

The flexible construction allows you to adjust height and width as needed by adjusting the distance between the feet. The following measurements are our recommendation.
Size Small
Height: 245 cm

Width: 300 cm 

Weight: 14 kg

Material: Recycled ABS plastic, steel

Size Medium
Height: 320 cm

Width: 400 cm 

Weight: 14 kg

Material: Recycled ABS plastic, steel

Size Large
Height: 375 cm

Width: 500 cm 

Weight: 14 kg

Material: Recycled ABS plastic, steel

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